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Avoid injury to yourself and others by following these important hose assembly tips:

  1. Receive hands-on training with Gates recommended equipment
  2. Follow current Gates operating manual and crimp data.
  3. Use only new (unused) Gates recommended hase and fittings with Gates crimpers.
  4. Wear safety glasses.
Select and Install Assemblies With Care
  1. Select proper hose assemblies for the application. Many factors and conditions affecting the inside and outside diameter of the hose must be taken into account.
  2. Hose assembly routing must not create an injury hazard or damage to hose.
  3. Select hydraulic components so that the application's temperature, pressure and bend radius do not exceed recommended component limits.
  4. Hose must not be stretched, kinked, crushed or twisted during installation or use. Hose must not be bent to less than the minumum bend radius.
  5. Use only C7NC and CBNC hose for non-conductive applications. For instance: cherry pickers. All other Gates hoses are electrically conductive.
  6. Do not use hydraulic hose to transmit high pressure gases.

Follow Good Maintenance Practices

  1. Establish a program of inspection, testing and replacement of hose assemblies from factors including:
    Severity of application
    Frequency of equipment use
    Past performance of hose assemblies
  2. Only properly trained persons should inspect, test or service hose assemblies. Update training periodically.
  3. Document maintenance inspections and testing.
  4. Avoid Fluid Injection Injuries
    Fluid under pressure can cause serious injury. It can be almost invisible escaping from a pinhole, and it can peirce the skin into the body.
    Do not touch a pressurized hydraulic hose assembly with any part of your body.
    If fluid punctures the skin, even if no pain is felt, a serious emergency exists. Obtain medical assistance immediately. Failure to do so can result in loss of the injured body part or death
  5. Stay out of hazardous areas while testing hose assemblies under pressure. Use proper safety protection.
Gates Hydraulic Hose | Safety | High Pressure Hose | Medium Pressure Hose | Low Pressure Hose | Selecting Hose | Tips
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