The Bone-ster Bone Creeper 4031

The Bone-ster™ is the cool younger brother of the Bone™. It is perfect for mechanics and everyone else. Do you have a nicely paved driveway or garage, and you want a cool creeper at a nice price? The Bone-ster is the creeper for you. This slick new product looks fabulous and works even better. It has many of the same benefits inherent to the Bone's design. It too is comfortable and contoured to fit your back. The Bone-ster is impervious to most solvents and cleans up easily. It won't tip, flip, or pinch you. The 3" casters share the same mag wheel design with its older siblings as well as the state-of-the-art thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) tires. TPE is a polymer that acts like rubber with one major difference - it won't dissolve in solvents. It also chemically adheres to the polypropylene wheel hub, which allows us to use a smaller profile tire that gives the wheels their cool looks. Thanks to the lower pods, the Bone-ster has even more working area than the Bone - bigger, taller guys can use it with ease! The best part is that the Bone-ster is practically indestructible. In fact it's even harder to break than the already spectacularly tough Bone. We've run one over multiple times with several vehicles (the heaviest weighing in at 6000 lbs.) and we can't break the body. Don't settle for another mediocre creeper, get a Bone-ster! (WARNING! Doing this will void your warranty! The Bone-ster is not guaranteed not to break under such extreme conditions).

  • Rolls over many shop/garage obstacles
  • 3" diameter, 7/8" wide casters
  • Wheels designed purely for the Bone-ster
  • Soft, grippy tires TPE tires
  • Strong thick 11 gauge plate with 4 ¼" thru-bolts
  • 1 ¼" ground clearance
  • Evolutionary design
  • Practically indestructible
  • Handles make it easy to carry
  • Ribs add welcome ventilation
  • 300 pound capacity
  • Same polypropylene copolymer as the Bone
  • Impervious to most solvents
  • Easy to clean
  • Weight - 16 lbs.
  • Dimensions - 43" Long x 23 3/8" Wide x 4 ¼" High (assembled)
Warranty - lifetime on the wheels, 1 year on the body, excludes being hit or run over

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